About the Las Vegas, Nevada Area

Las Vegas is famous for its massive and lavish casino resorts and unrestricted availability of alcoholic beverages.  Considered the Entertainment Capital of the World, it's also one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  With its mild winters and dry summers, who wouldn't want to live in this desert paradise?

Las Vegas has retained very affordable real estate prices in comparison to other western U.S. cities. Consequently, the city has recently enjoyed an enormous boom both in population and in tourism.  Allow me to show you all this area has to offer in real estate, including Nevada Trails, Mountains Edge, Rhodes Ranch, Southern Highlands, and Summerlin.  Whether you are looking for a home in a family-oriented neighborhood, a luxury home, condo or investment property, my knowledge of the Las Vegas area and my detail-oriented style will find your dream home!

Las Vegas

Spanish Trails - SW

Spanish Trails - SW
This beautiful guard gated community is located approximately 15 minutes west of the strip. It is bordered on the north by Tropicana and on the east by Rainbow. There are 1252 homes here in 11 separate neighborhoods/communities.  Amenities include fitness center, tennis center, 2 pools and 2 spas. The 4 townhome neighborhoods have access to these as well as their own pools and spas. Memberships are available to the Spanish Trails Golf and Country Club. These are offered and sold by individual members. Prices for golf memberships usually run under $30,000 with social memberships available the the $3,000 to $4,000 range.  The association provides lists of memberships available for sale. Most of these homes were constructed in the 1980's and 1990's. This project was the first of its kind in Las Vegas. The elevation at Spanish Trails ranges from 2,313 ft. to 2,504 ft. above sea level.

Spring Valley


South West Las Vegas Communities are part of a strong developmental movement of new homes. For decades the area has been barren desert with an occasional home. Now, it is a thriving location for Las Vegas residents looking for a comfortable way of life. Communities like Rhodes Ranch and the expansive Mountains Edge master planned community offer home buyers a great variety of housing options. Styles, prices, and amenities vary considerably from community to community.

Hundreds of new homes are popping up in skillfully crafted neighborhoods. Trees and vegetation are imported turning the desert into an oasis. Some of the larger communities surround golf courses and some have access to community swimming pools and other recreational facilities.

The I-215 was recently completed in that area of town and it provides stop-light free travel along the south west end of the beltway. As new Las Vegas real estate developments are established new roads are added or enhanced. In the next few years considerable work will be done in the area to cater to the vast number of new residents.

Like the north west, there are land sellers and developers who have custom home lots. Home buyers can build a house to their specifications and according to their time frames. Land values have increased a great deal over the last decade and are expected to over the next decade.

Quality Las Vegas home builders are responsible for the construction and development of south west Las Vegas communities. They often offer incentives and warranties to care for their customers.

Many south west Las Vegas houses have great views of the mountains in the south and west of the valley. Some homes can see the Strip and many are built near parks or golf courses. The surroundings of these homes offer some spectacular vistas.

Silverado Ranch


East Las Vegas Communities are some of the most well established neighborhoods in the valley. The mountains on the eastern rim of the city overlook the strip and many of the residential areas. These areas boast a great deal of the cities history. Amazing Las Vegas real estate spreads sit on hill sides and unique properties dot the landscape.

Some of the best views of the strip and the valley are found on the East side of town. The mountains are closer to the lights of the casinos and businesses than any others and those mountains are steeper creating a bleacher view instead of the steadily climbing theater view of the west and south. The LDS temple is perched on one of the highest streets on the east. At that level residents in the east share a spectacular Las Vegas view.

Not all properties are in the mountains. As one drops in altitude he/she witnesses flatter terrain and a potpourri of housing and real estate types and prices. Several country clubs enhance the east Las Vegas valley floor. Multi-million dollar properties can be found. At the same time, town homes, smaller houses, and trailers can be located. If a resident wants to live near the strip with easy access to many amenities Las Vegas has to offer they will be able to find housing that suits their needs and situation.

Many of the east Las Vegas homes are closer to the strip and downtown than other homes in the valley. Close proximity to the strip provides for quick commuting for managers, dealers, food services personnel, and others who work downtown.

The McCarran Airport is easily accessed from the east side of town. Business travelers, tourists, etc. can get to the airport from several common main road ways including the I-95, Eastern Ave, Charleston Blvd, Sahara Ave, Tropicana Ave, Nellis Blvd, Boulder Hwy, etc.

Malls and other shopping opportunities are found throughout. Some of the newest facilities in the valley as well as some of the most well established are located in Eastern Las Vegas. Hospitals, schools (including access to UNLV), and many other key services are available in this part of town.

East Las Vegas provides great housing diverse in price, style, and location. It offers access to many amenities and services. East Las Vegas is a great place to live and find a place to call home or invest in real estate.


South Las Vegas Communities have been growing and expanding in recent years. Many new homes and real estate developments have popped up reforming the landscape of the south end of the valley. Thousands of houses in dozens of Las Vegas communities contribute to the great Las Vegas culture.

The I-15 dissects South Las Vegas as it leaves town toward California. Some residents who have family in California and enjoy the Las Vegas lifestyle live on the south end to cut down on travel time when making out of town visits. Casinos, hotels, and storefronts are popping up all along the I-15 in lieu of the popularity of the area as travelers come and go.

Huge master-planned communities have been built over the past couple of decades. Las Vegas master-planned communities are developments that are coordinated with city planners well before any construction takes place. The infrastructure of a group of traditional communities is designed so the communities work together to meet commuter needs, shopping needs, and other resident living needs. Parks and landscaping, community centers, and walk ways are laid out to tie the communities together. The result is a master community with amazing amenities and functionality for its real estate owners.

Many residents in south Las Vegas enjoy the relatively quick access they have to the strip and other sought after resources. Shopping centers, public services, and employment centers are all at hand.


North West Las Vegas Communities are known for their quality and great locations. From Cheyenne, just north of Summerlin, to the north and from the I-95 to the west is generally considered north west Las Vegas. Many claim that it has the Summerlin feel without the Summerlin prices.

Communities like Iron Mountain Ranch or El Capitan Ranch offer very comfortable living. In fact, residents enjoy just about every style and price range of housing found in the valley. Las Vegas real estate from starter homes to elaborate custom homes people can find what they want. The north west is one area where a lot of custom building is still happening. Huge homes spread over considerable acreage have been around for years as neighboring homes are being built. Many homes in Las Vegas look alike in style and feel but certain parts of the north west display new unique homes. Some of the communities are designed in conformity for those who enjoy the traditional neighborhood feel. Some of the newest communities developed in the valley can be found as ground is broken daily.

Many people decide to live in north west Las Vegas because of its distance from the hustle and bustle of city life. They have adequate access if they want it but in many cases residents are 40 minutes from the strip which narrows down the noise, traffic, and activity. It is out of the way for those who prefer a quieter standard of living.

North west Las Vegas communities tend to have fewer or lower HOAs than some other parts of the valley. Some of the communities were built with the idea in mind that the residents and home owners would govern themselves and maintain great neighborhoods. For those who don't mind paying for an HOA to ensure their community remains clean and orderly there are communities for them.

Many of the streets and neighborhoods have been around for a decade so shopping centers and business parks are already established which isn't the case in some still developing parts of town. Huge grocery centers, pet stores, furniture, banks, restaurants, etc. are close at hand.

Well kept parks are frequently found throughout the north western real estate developments. Some are specific to a community and some are available to the general public. Swimming pools, basketball, sand volleyball, barbques, and many more features are available.

Though the north west is out of the way there is great access to the rest of the city. The Beltway 215 has been expanded to handle a great deal of traffic. The I-95 cuts strait toward the strip when going south and towards Mt. Charleston when going north. Both intersect with the I-15. Arterial streets run through the area as well providing for ample access to most areas of town.


South East Las Vegas Communities are known for their great access to many of the city's well-known amenities. Residents are typically a few miles from the strip. They are the closest of any to Lake Mead. They have quick access to the McCarran Airport. Many business centers are located on that end of the valley as well as station casinos.

The South East Las Vegas area is comprised of the southeastern corner of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Green Valley. We include Boulder City even though it is over the hill from the valley. Many of the homes in these areas are newer. The houses are less than a decade old in many cases. The neighborhoods have been built for comfort and accessibility. Many builders have been responsible for the development and home buyers have a great selection of styles, prices, and locations as they choose their Las Vegas real estate. High end homes, mid range homes, and the more affordable homes are all available depending on the community. Qualified buyers will be able to find what they are looking for in their home hunting pursuit.

Mountains surround this end of town typically to the south and the strip is viewable from many homes and properties to the north. Some of the real estate is couched within the mountains themselves. Some property is in hilly communities exposing it to great Las Vegas valley views. Yet, some communities are in the flats.

Major streets cross throughout the south east providing great access to the best Las Vegas has to offer. Streets like the I-95, Beltway 215, Boulder Hwy, Lake Mead Pkwy, etc. carry commuters throughout the valley.

Residents who live in South East Las Vegas enjoy mature developments as well as newly constructed communities. Established neighborhoods anchored in history as well as young neighborhoods current in style and building technology provide great options for Las Vegas home and real estate owners.

The Lakes - NW

The Lakes - NW
Located directly west of the Strip and south of Summerlin, this lush community was built in the mid-1980's around several large man-made lakes and offers a variety of water sports. Original residents were on the fringes of what was then the city of Las Vegas, but now The Lakes is in the hub of activity close to the Strip. There are lots of green belt areas and jogging trails for residents, and great shopping and schools are located close by. 


At one time Henderson was its own community. With the rapid growth of Las Vegas real estate it has become part of the burgeoning city. Residents can find mature, settled neighborhoods or brand new housing. Comfortable well established communities and exciting contemporary new developments offer home buyers many options.

Amenities surround all parts of the Henderson area. From great views to easy access to The Strip and Lake Mead Henderson home owners can participate in just about any activity Vegas has to offer within a short drive.

The Green Valley community is located in the Henderson area on the southeast of Las Vegas. It is more than 8,000 acres of master- planned neighborhoods. Along with other communities located in Henderson, it has golf facilities, trails, and many other great amenities.

Housing values have increased in Henderson like those of Las Vegas real estate. Properties have been in great demand as home buyers seek out the popular homes and neighborhoods.

If you would like to see if Henderson is right for you contact an agent to give you a tour or provide more information on values, appreciation, and availability.


North Eastern Las Vegas Communities have a large mix of different types of housing. From affordable mobile homes and houses to high end mansions on the mountain side home buyers can select from the wide range. Some of the views of the strip are the best there are in the valley.

The area is near Nellis Air Force Base so military personnel will often set up stakes close by. Many jobs of industry are also located there so people find the housing that fits their needs and wants. People of many walks of life will build or buy homes and Las Vegas real estate in north east Las Vegas.

North east Las Vegas is a short distance from the strip. A drive of a few miles down the I-15 or surface streets puts a northeastern resident on the strip yet it is far enough away to avoid all of the excitement if desired. Some of the neighborhoods are older, well established, and mature while others are brand new and still growing. Open lots are available for investors or custom home builders. Land has is at premium so investors have done well and will continue to do well with wise real estate investing in the area.

Residents live en route to one of the best Lake Mead accesses in the whole valley. Within a short drive visitors arrive at the park for fishing, boating, swimming, etc. Some of the mountain and desert views are coveted by many Las Vegas home owners.

The I-15 and major streets, including Nellis Blvd, Hollywood Blvd, Eastern Ave, Craig Rd, E Lake Mead Blvd, Cheyenne Rd, etc. pass through the area allowing for great access to features and amenities. The Las Vegas Motor Speedway is located in the North East just up the I-15. Great golf courses and parks separate many neighborhoods and provide lush greenery.

Peccole Ranch - NW

Peccole Ranch - NW
Peccole Ranch is a beautiful secluded master planned community on the western edge of the Las Vegas Valley.  The community is comprised of 640 acres, including 284 acres of common area and 46 acres of beautifully landscaped tree lined paseos and walkways for the enjoyment of all the residents.

Peccole Ranch is home to twenty two separate neighborhoods, ten of which are gated communities, designed for families desiring privacy and serenity.  The master plan includes single family subdivisions, multiple family complexes, shopping centers, and office buildings. Parks, golf courses, and casinos are nearby and the community has its own clubhouse and tennis courts.

Peccole Village within Peccole Ranch consists of two neighborhoods, La Ventana (gated) and Canyon Hills (non gated) with a total of 354 homes ranging in size from 1200 square feet to 2600 square feet and priced from approximately $250,000 to $470,000. These neighborhoods are located next to the Arbors Tennis and Play Park which has basketball courts, barbecues, picnic tables and walking trails. Residents also have access to the Peccole Ranch Leisure Center which hosts loads of activities and has an Olympic size swimming pool.
For more information on Peccole Ranch, please click here.

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas

Over the past few years North Las Vegas has grown at incredible rates. Home owners often purchase their home getting the most squarefootage for the money in the valley. Values are often extremely competitive for brand new or nearly new homes. Thousands of homes have gone up in the past few years.

Some of the most revered communities in the current Las Vegas valley are found in the new North Las Vegas. Residents find just about any type of life style the valley has to offer.

In mid-2006 the National Census Bureau announced the 5 fastest growing cities in the nation. What does this mean to Las Vegans? Well, it means that Las Vegas is still right there at the top. Surprisingly the incorporated city of Las Vegas was not as high as it has been in the past. From 7/1/04 to 7/01/05 Las Vegas has fallen from the number 1 fastest growing city to the 42nd fastest growing city in the nation growing around 11,000 people or 1.99%. Henderson came in at 10th with a growth in the ballpark of 8,000 residents or a 3.39% growth in population. N. Las Vegas came in at an astounding 2nd place of the nations fastest growing cities. N. Las Vegas increased its population by 18,000 people or in percentages 11.41%.

As we can see, Las Vegas and its surrounding areas are still doing very well. The growing populations and the softening but yet strong, not busting, housing market has stumped our ever “neigh saying” critics in their tracks. What can you expect when your unemployment is the lowest in the nation and you have 60 or more businesses moving to Las Vegas each year and you're running out of land to develop. All of these things say to me, “ This is a GREAT market to be in!” Talk about stability and consistency, that’s what Las Vegas has been all about for the past 20 years.

As more attractions and wonderful communities are continuing to be built you are going to be amazed at how steady and rock solid the Las Vegas market is going to be. Speaking of rock solid, look at North Las Vegas. There is no wonder why North Las Vegas is the 2nd fastest growing city in the America. North Las Vegas provides some of the best home prices in the Valley, Aliante, one of the largest and most beautiful master planned communities in the state of Nevada, coupled with the upcoming attractions in the Northwest, North Las Vegas is the epitome of comfort living and convenient location.

Queen's Ridge - NW

Queen's Ridge - NW
Queens Ridge real estate presents a spectacular opportunity to be part of an exclusive and luxurious gated community. Set among fragrant garden pathways, European style homes and estates transfer the discerning buyer into a fabulous world of sophistication and elegance.

Dramatically situated against the background of Red Rock Canyon in the Mojave Desert, Queens Ridge real estate is the pinnacle of an opulent sanctuary. The area features spectacular scenery, complete with rugged rock formations, desert vegetation, and magnificent open vistas. The stunning environment provides wonderful opportunities to hike, rock-climb, bike or simply take in the beauty of the 13-mile picturesque drive. Lake Mead, the World's largest man-made lake is only 45 minutes drive and offers an exciting array of water-sports and activities.

Residents will enjoy a vast assortment of high-end amenities. Fabulous restaurants and specialty shops are plentiful and the recreation facilities contained within the community are numerous, with swimming pools, fitness centers and tennis courts providing the very essence of spa-living.
A Queens Ridge home offers you the safety of a 24-hour guard-gated community that will ensure you and your family have the peace of mind knowing that security is of the highest importance. The community has access to excellent public schools that are part of the Clark County School District, while choice is maintained by a selection of private school options.

Golfing is fantastic as the Queens Ridge real estate community centers around the magnificent Badlands Golf 27 hole championship course. The course designed by the world famous Johnny Miller in cooperation with Chi Chi Rodriguez, features a full-service clubhouse with restaurant and bar and is consistently ranked as one of Nevada's best.

This unique Queens Ridge real estate community is located close to the excitement of Las Vegas, and it benefits from the fabulous economic environment. Clark County is one of America's fastest growing economic regions with employment opportunities continuing to soar. Your Queens Ridge home is set in the heart of this dramatic economic climate making it an outstanding investment, one that will continue to appreciate while providing the safety and security of a luxurious gated-community.

Featuring world-class luxury homes set against the tranquil beauty of the Red Rock Canyon, Queens Ridge real estate offers a lifestyle of elegance and excitement. This special community of unrivalled flair and imagination truly is a stunning oasis.

Mountain's Edge - SW

Mountain's Edge - SW
This master-planned community located in the southwest portion of the Las Vegas valley boasts more than 500 acres of land devoted to open space, parks and trail systems.  With an eye towards the future, the 22 different homebuilders developing Mountain's Edge build to Energy Star standards, saving money on utility bills for homeowners, and saving natural resources for us all.

Located near Rainbow Blvd. and Blue Diamond Road, the community conveniently resides within Clark County and is served by Interstates 15, 215 and 515 and several other major roadways.  When complete, the community will offer 12,500 homes for sale in dozens of different Clark County neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood in Mountain's Edge offers its own set of amenities, including swimming pools, neighborhood parks, views, exercise areas, athletic courts and walking trails.

Exploration Park opened in May 2007 and was built on 80 acres at the community's main entrance, and features volleyball courts, horseshoe pits, picnic areas and an amphitheater. It also includes a Western Theme Park which blends elements of the community's geography and history.  Behind the building facades are climbing structures, slides and other equipment.  Dirt streets line the town square capturing the Main Street appearance and sense of the Old West.  The streets of the town square lead to play areas featuring covered wagon play structures, rocking horses tied to hitching posts outside the buildings and a water tower splash park.

Exploration Peak rises 2,846 feet and offers a series of hiking trails, ranging from the leisurely to more challenging hikes.  A 280-acre regional park is planned near the center of the community with adult and youth baseball fields, multi-use sports fields, picnic areas and children's playgrounds.

Arroyo Market Square on Rainbow Boulevard at the Las Vegas Beltway has welcomed nine big-box retailers since it opened late last year.  This affords residents in this area convenient "one-stop shopping in a convenient location.

The 950,000-square-foot Arroyo Market Square is part of a 450-acre master-planned office, retail and industrial project and boasts tenants including Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Sam's Club and Best Buy.  Other tenants that have signed leases include Sports Chalet, Babies "R" Us, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross Dress For Less, Marshall's, Michael's, OfficeMax, Party City, PetSmart, Paddock, Ulta, Famous Footwear, Dress Barn, Men's Wearhouse and Hallmark.  Restaurants include Chili's, Mimi's Cafe and Jason's Deli.    

Summerlin - NW

Summerlin - NW
Summerlin is a planned community built by The Howard Hughes Corporation (now an affiliate of General Growth Properties) in southern Nevada, along the western rim of the Las Vegas Valley near the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.  This family oriented community has bicycle lanes on most major roads, over 100 parks, and nine golf courses.

Located in the heart of Summerlin is the state-of-the-art Red Rock Casino.  Featuring two high-limit areas and thousands of games, the casino offers a comprehensive gaming experience and sports book.

Just 15 miles west of Las Vegas is Red Rock Canyon National Park.  The scenic drive there offers numerous stops for sightseeing and photography.  Hiking trails are accessible from the designated pullouts and parking areas.  For climbers and bikers, these trails, varying in length and challenge, offer spectacular views of the Spring Mountains and the Las Vegas Valley.

Looking for a cool spot in the heat of the summer?  Just a brief 35-minute drive from the Las Vegas Strip, Mt. Charleston awaits you!  At 7,717 feet elevation, temperatures generally average 30 degrees cooler in the Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest's Kyle Canyon than in the Las Vegas Valley.  Surrounded by Juniper, Mountain Mahogany, Aspen, and Ponderosa pine trees, nature is all around you.  Hummingbirds, woodpeckers and chipmunks are everywhere.  Even the occasional deer sighting is commonplace at the Mt. Charleston Lodge. 

Southern Highlands - SW

Southern Highlands - SW
Southern Highlands offers an ideal setting for families of all ages, with acres of parks, open spaces and recreational facilities, including ball fields and tennis courts – providing numerous options for active lifestyles.  And for those who want to walk, hike or bike within the beautiful natural surroundings, a trail system intertwines throughout the community.

You’ll find all the conveniences of shopping, dining, a fire station, and more right in the community, and Southern Highlands boasts both public and private schools – either open or under construction.  Not to mention a host of entertaining community events throughout the year.  Plus, the exclusive Southern Highlands Golf Club and Spa Southern Highlands offer tradition and luxury, at a private club that is consistently ranked among the best in the country.

Southern Highlands offers homes with truly spectacular views of the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding mountains just a short 15 minute drive south from the Las Vegas Strip.

Disclaimer:  “Robinson Property Management, LLC. is not affiliated with or related to Southern Highlands.  All rights in and to the words “Southern Highlands” and any identifying marks of Southern Highlands are the sole and absolute property of Southern Highlands, L.L.C.  Southern Highlands is not responsible for nor does it endorse the content of this website.”  
For more information about Southern Highlands, please click here.

Rhodes Ranch - SW

Rhodes Ranch - SW
A lush oasis in the desert, Rhodes Ranch is a master planned community full of mature palm trees, walking paths, and spectacular mountain views.  The gated community includes a championship golf course, and the Rhodes Ranch Recreation Center.  

The Fun Zone offers family fitness, sports and activities in a multi-million dollar state of the art facility and includes a water slide, basketball courts, and full gymnasium.

For great off-the-strip fun, visit Sunset Station, Goldcoast Station, Red Rock Station and Durango Station.

The location of Rhodes Ranch offers easy access to major travel routes and all the excitement Las Vegas has to offer.  The 215 Beltway connects you to many destinations throughout the Valley.  The Las Vegas Strip and Airport are only 15 minutes away.
Charming courtyards, spacious floor plans, gourmet kitchens, dramatic Rhodes Ranch golf course views will make your living in Rhodes Ranch memorable in every way.  Great selection of floor plans, communities and prices from the mid $200’s to $1.5 million. 

Nevada Trails - SW

Nevada Trails - SW
Nevada Trails is a gorgeous community comprised of three wonderful neighborhoods, Palo Verde, Acacia and Mesquite.  The Nevada Trails community anchors the developments in the southwestern Las Vegas Valley.  Surrounded by acres of parks, convenient shopping and schools, this masterfully planned community of new homes gives you the perfect blend of peaceful living and easy access to work and play.  Nevada Trails has grown into an established community with some 23 acres of parks and 10 acres of trails.

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